3 Laws of Great Marketing


The world of internet communication may have changed the way we market our business, but there are time honored laws at the core of it all. If you aren't performing the following three things, then your marketing probably isn't working for you.


1 - NURTURE your Base

We all want new customers. It's an insatiable desire that can become an obsession. If you're not careful, this can subconsciously draw focus away from your customer base. These are people who have already jumped on board. You don't need to convince them and you barely need to market to them. You simply need to nurture them, and if you do it well, you can double your revenue in no time.


Each customer you have is like a miniature gold mine.  The worst thing you can do is treat them like a one-time deal. You should always follow up, make sure they are satisfied and thank them profusely. This is the first step toward repeat business.

  • Set up auto responders through your website or via email apps like MailChimp, etc.
  • Set the auto response to follow a purchase after 1 or 2 days.
  • Keep you're auto-response personal and show gratitude. No sales or offers.
  • Your paying customers are of utmost importance. Keep them happy and they will become your bread and butter.


Your customer's information is precious. You know who they are, what they've purchased, how to contact them and, in some cases, how much they spend. You are in a unique position to sell them more, and the best way to reach them is through discounts.

  • Set up a smart email campaign that sends an email 2 weeks after purchase. Include a discount code or free gift.
  • If they don't bite, another email should be sent 1 week later with an even deeper discount offer.
  • Do this for 3 weeks total, or until they take the deal.
  • Your final email should give them such an amazing deal, they'd be crazy not to take it.
  • If they don't, that's OK! They're clearly not ready. At this point, the campaign should cancel and they should only receive your email once a month.


Crack open your sales stats and find your highest paying customers. These are people who spend the most and/or buy the most. You know they love your products or services, and you know they'll spend money on them. 

  • Add big spenders to a VIP email list and create a special VIP discount code for them.
  • Send them an email welcoming them to VIP status.
  • Hit them with deep discounts or special VIP offers every 2 weeks.  
  • The more personal you make this connection and the more thankful you are for their business, the more they will spend and the longer they'll stick with you.


2 - Collect Data and Test, Test, Test

Let's face it, most marketing results are based on educated guesses, at best. In today's marketplace, there are many tools for data collection (Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, etc.), but very few companies know how to use them effectively.


  • How many people clicked through to your site?
  • How many conversions were there?
  • What days had the highest response?
  • What time of day had the most hits?
  • How old are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their interests?


  • Use the data to tweak your campaign and target your demographic.
  • Test 3 different headlines.
  • Test 3 different images/graphics.
  • Test 3 different CTA's (Call to Action). For example: "Learn More. " "Buy Now." "Click Here."
  • Which ad's had the most clicks?
  • Which ad's had the most conversions? 
  • Combine the best performing headline, image/graphic and CTA into a single ad campaign and watch it slay.


Be relentless. Don't stop until you've hit the jackpot. You'll know when you've found it. A single campaign born out of rigorous testing will absolutely dominate. 


3 - Produce Great Content

We live in a world of constant stimulation. Your customers have a growing, insatiable diet of content consumption. In order to captivate their attention, you need great design, stunning imagery and imaginative messaging. Photoshop and a Thesaurus won't cut it!



  • It all starts here. You cannot have a great campaign without first writing a great story.
  • You may know some amazing writers, but even the best aren't adept at writing marketing copy.
  • It's a special skill that takes a great deal of knowledge, talent and creativity within a specific framework.
  • This can make or break your entire campaign. So, hire the best copywriter you can afford! 



  • Good design will support your messaging and catalyze your campaign.
  • It should tell your story and grab attention.
  • It should balance bold originality with contemporary style.
  • It should represent your company and tie back into your overall brand, website, etc.
  • It needs branded elements that can be used across all platforms, in various sizes and media types. 


In today's marketplace, there is no greater marketing tool than video. The statistics are mind blowing. Even something as simple as adding a promo video to your homepage can massively increase sales. Here are some stats:


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