Bluon: Saving Energy, Saving the world


By January of 2020, Freon will no longer be manufactured. Bluon is the world’s only replacement that works better than it’s predecessor, saving energy and equipment costs for an industry that consumes 40% of the world’s energy.

In order to convince HVAC owners, we needed to gain the trust of HVAC contractors, a naturally skeptical demographic who hate change. So, we sat down with them and figured out what makes them tick. Then, we crafted a story and a visual technique that made them look and feel like a hero…and it worked.



Mind Blowing Results

Within 1 month of launch, this single video gave Bluon a 1,000% increase in engagement, exceeding all expectations, impressing investors and securing a multi-million dollar round of funding.



“VIL has done the impossible…they made HVAC sexy! We’re already seeing a 5 -10x increase in the number of HVAC techs joining our community each day.”


- Peter Capuciati, CEO Bluon




We created a dozen social media videos, using footage and content from our original shoots, each targeting a different pain point and specific demographic.




In order to secure large contracts, Bluon needed to catch the attention of Assets Managers with large building portfolios. So, we created a text animation campaign specifically designed for the LinkedIn platform. 6 ads with different messages for each pain point, 3 using fear and 2 using optimism as their driving message.


Testimonial Videos


In 2 locations over 2 days, we produced testimonials and lifestyle footage that gave Bluon a treasure trove of marketing content. Through editing and post production, we created a dozen stories, each with a unique perspective and selling point. Then, we cut multiple testimonials into compelling stories, each targeting specific demographics.



“Amazing production, incredible story-telling…a gold-mine of marketing content that will last us years”

Matt Case - Director Of Development, Bluon



Behind the scenes, Ahead of The pack

We script every story with the most remarkable imagery possible, exploring and implementing new technology and cutting-edge methods in film making. For Bluon, we used the world’s highest-speed camera with a high-end “Bolt” motion control system. We then paired this with post-production techniques that gave each scene incredible movement and dynamics, transforming our every-day HVAC technician into a HERO.

The end result gave Bluon a gold-mine of cinematic branded content unlike any other company in their industry.



We blew away the competition, increased engagement by 1,000%, and helped secure millions in venture capital.


We can do the same for you


Every product is unique, each with its own story. We distill your ideas to their core strengths, creating content that increases engagement and multiplies sales. Let us tell your story.