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The Project

In 2018, a team of researchers at Crown Sterling made a groundbreaking discovery that mathematicians have been searching for since the dawn of civilization. This single revelation birthed a mission to create the world’s first encryption system based in Quantum Physics and powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Our challenge was to distill incredibly complex concepts into a theatrical style “trailer”, with beautiful simplicity and sophistication, to be presented at the highest level of government, banking and global institutions.



First Steps

Understanding TIME AI meant grasping incredibly complex, newly discovered math as well as the intricacies of modern encryption. Our initial meetings with the Crown Sterling team were deep dives with Mathematician and Inventor Robert Grant, who graciously led us through his entire process of discovering a pattern in prime numbers, mirror symmetry mathematics, the music of math constants and the application of quantum physics in machine learning encryption.



Script Writing

After our initial meeting, we spent nearly 2 months studying our notes, learning basic quantum physics, researching modern encryption and scripting the structure of our story. We needed to captivate our audience while describing an infinitely complex product in a way that the average person could understand. It was a massive undertaking that required countless revisions and constant feedback from the client who was, quite literally, making new discoveries during the process. 

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Visual Exploration

TIME AI was an entirely new concept that had never before been visualized. We knew the story could only be told through animation, so we gave our initial script and creative direction to several of our top designers. We then curated our favorite sequences for their best presentation to the client.






Creative Direction

Ultimately, our artistic sensibilities aligned perfectly with our client’s taste, giving our design team full license to move beyond technical accuracy and into high art. We kept this philosophy throughout every frame of the final storyboards, imparting both mathematical symmetry and artistic emotion.






In the middle of an intense remote meeting with Crown Sterling, Robert Grant grabbed his sketchbook and began drawing how TIME AI behaves through Particle Physics and Quantum Entanglement. Periodically, he would hold his sketch up to the camera, blowing us away with each new concept, and helping sculpt a creative vision in our mind. Our team then visualized this sketch in 3D, adding depth, movement and futuristic style to an uncharted concept.




From his early drawings to his ultimate scientific publication, it was apparent that Robert Grant had solidified his discoveries with both geometric and mathematical precision. We sought to honor this incredible work by elevating it’s story through beautifully composed animation.





Musical Score

In order to make complex algorithms and mathematical discoveries seem thrilling to the average person, we needed more than compelling visuals, we needed music to help drive emotion. Thankfully, our in-house composer rose to the occasion with an entirely original music score. To match the elegance of our visual story with the technical depth of the product, we chose a sonic palette that fused an orchestral film score with a granular electronic sound. We then took it even further by integrating famous mathematical constants into key aspects of each piece, some of which are described below.

  • Main chords based on Robert Grant’s “Music of the Universe” work.

  • Piano creccendo’s with D1, A1, D2, F#2, (notes at which the universe separates light from dark).

  • 432hz tuning (pure tone/math fundamental).

  • Tempo is 161.80bpm (Golden Ratio w/ decimal moved one place).

  • Violin repeats at 12 measures (half of 24 in the Fibonacci sequence).



Sound Design

To compliment our original score, we tapped our in-house sound designer, who helped drive on-screen action with custom, organic embellishments and epic digital sonics. In keeping with our original philosophy, each sound maintained a quality of sophistication and elegance that matched the design and capability of Time AI.


“I am blown away at your attention to detail and passion… we have found a lifelong partner in your company.” - Robert Grant, CEO Crown Sterling



Final Creation

Working with a product as incredible as Time AI, with a client as trusting and tasteful as Crown Sterling, gave us the inspiration and freedom to create some of the best work of our lives. It was an honor to be part of such magnificent discoveries and to work with a team of such great minds. The exchange of energy and ideas flowed into mathematical works of art in every frame.

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Crown Sterling’s visionary discoveries are nothing short of world-changing. It was our great honor to help tell their story. - VIL




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